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hanamura yuki Heaven Burns Red


Aaahh sasuga Jun Maeda, pasti akan ada tragedi nya.

Terima kasih untuk official launching, aku sudah main sampai di day 7 dimana ada rivalisasi antara 31A dan 31C, pasti ke depannya akam ada tragedi. Karena ketahuan kalau Jun Maeda yang bikin, pasti ada sad sad nya.

Untuk opsi banyak yang ngelawak sih heheheh, komandan aja sampai ke trigger. Untuk graphic yang sama seperti konsol...sungguh memanjakan mata.

Musil nya yang nyanyi Yanagi Nagi auto enak denger nya!! Aahhh gak sabar kalau sampai ada Global nya!!!

Terima kasih untuk launch nya! Semoga bisa sampai jadi global dan berharap...game ini bisa ada di konsol juga (karena udah bagus banget)[哇噻][開心][開心][開心]( # ▽ # )
SoulHX Heaven Burns Red


UPDATE 1: With half anniversary coming in, it´s a good chance to look back and see how game has evolved and what we can expect. First: I went from daily login to 3 times a week to maybe like 10 days a month?. They are really struggling with player retention because the gameplay is really unfun and massively skewed towards having multiple dupes of SS. New content is literally called whale content by the community, even if day 1 f2p with luck could barely clear some of it it's generally considered to be a significant step back. No update on main story for 4 months already I think?, which also means no way to upgrade your units further except pulling the gacha for dupes. They also did a very sketchy move with the Ichiko SS release just after massively nerfing Ichiko A. TL;DR: Story is still nice, daily gameplay is bottom 10 of games I've tried, extremely boring and repetitive and even if daily missions give a decent amount of gacha currency I literally can't bother caring enough to login and do that boring and repetitive RNG grind. Still worth the install and play one day every week for updates, just not worth playing it daily or expecting a good direction on content balancing into the future, game is becoming more and more heavily p2w with each day.

This should be a premium game, honestly. No bugs or hitches at all, amazing graphics, amazing OST, 99.9% voiced. Honestly, it's really impressive the production values all around.

And then, the story, so far it's not been anything surprising, if anything it's quite a common setting, but the MC interactions with the rest of the cast and the comedy are amazing, and VA only enhance this point even further.

Ok, so, what about gameplay? A mixed bag of sorts, it's essentially a single player turn based RPG with some classes and roles, nothing really original or innovative, there is lack of variety in enemies so far as well. You can see that the gameplay is not exactly the selling point of the game, however, even if the gameplay is simple, it's not bad by any means, if you enjoy classic turn based RPG you'll find yourself at home.

If anything, the whole of the game is unfortunately dragged down by the gacha aspect. This doesn't mean the game is unplayable without whaling (so far), but you'll definitely need to play a lot better and be much better prepared without high tier units.

Honestly, compared to other mobile games I've played, it's definitely top tier.
Nato Reyes Heaven Burns Red


Just a heads up, there's an additional 1.8gb download after you finish Day 12 story or Chapter 2 Day 1.

--Worth trying?

Shortest answer: Sure, it's not bad unless you don't like the game mechanics.

Very long answer:
Since it's Key. It leans heavily towards Visual Novel. (it only has jp version)
If it's not for you but can get passed that, then it is for the art and music.
If you're waiting for global, then you might just try it now because I so far haven't seen any news about it getting a global one. I also kind of doubt it'll get one because of how much they have to translate if they did.

If you're a casual player, then I don't think so. Why? Because of 1 ally death = defeat. Which could be pretty punishing for some.

If you like pulling on banners a lot then, probably not. Getting currency on banner takes time like you need to progress story to get a good amount. Unless you're fine with pulling a lot by rerolling.

Which also means you're stuck with the units you'll get on the first single and 2 multis since finishing Day 7 Story is necessary for 3rd multi. So I suggest rerolling for a good team or for your waifu. Just make sure the roles and elements are not all the same.

Also worth noting that rarity A really only has 1 skill. S and SS rarity has additional skill/s but needs to be unlocked by farming mat and reaching a certain lvl on your unit. Which can also mean that Having A rarity of the unit will always be obsolette if you have an S version and it's obsolette if you have SS version. Go to my Gacha part if you want more info.

--F2p? Depends on your criteria. But mine is being able to finish content with starters which is the free SS of mc and bunch of A rarities. It's a no right now. A rarities just don't have the stats for later stages. Max lvl will also be an issue and those only have 1 skill. There is however an event. If ever a player can finish chapter 1 with starters and is able to do the event to get the S unit. Then there's a chance that it can be f2p in a distant future if more of those events show up.

--Combat? Depends.
Turned based
all units attack in succession per turn.
3 offensive units and 3 backup units. You can switch between those units.
I can sum it up to: Break enemies shield and eliminate them.

There's auto combat and auto farm on some kind of practice arena which you can earn gp, a currency to buy chips, it has fixed stats so that's great.

Auto seems to only be good in early game because ai use heal skill like there's no tomorrow. You can turn off the auto on heal but, I don't know if the ai will ever use it when it's really needed.
There's also somekind of tower dungeon.

Then somekind of saoub style gameplay after Day 7 story where it's a side scroller where you move the character to destination while it becomes pokemon like game in a cave where the enemy can ambush you anywhere. Which means, more combat. In this mode all SP/energy you used/saved and hp/shield left will be carry over till you finish the stage. Seems like the ultimate boss stage resets this.

Decent unit pool.
Like I said, the currency takes time to get. Like you need to finish this story day number to get this amount of currency. There is log in bonus but not sure if it's perma and even if it is, it's pretty low especially if you get stuck.

Some units also have higher rarities of themselves. These versions can't be used in 1 party (putting 2 SS, S and A rarity of mc as example). Also rarities of 1 unit all have the same element so far. The only difference is A only has 1 skill. S has 2 and SS has 3. But you need to unlock the 2nd and 3rd skill which you need to farm mats and have the specific lvl to unlock it. Not to mention their starting max lvl are different. A (45) S (60) SS (90).

An A Rarity can increase max lvl through quest event with character. it gives A rarity fragment. If you max the A rarity, I think the fragment will become universal to the specific unit, like for S or SS rarity of it.
Other way is by getting exact dupe of the unit on gacha.

With all that said, so far I think all rarities of the same unit takes its highest lvl and max lvl. Like if you received an S version and you were using the A version before like lvl 10 already, then if you switch to the S version, it'll still be lvl 10 and both S and A version will have max lvl of 60.

-Unit Roles to my knowledge:
-Breaker (Breaking enemy shield faster)
-Attacker, Blaster (Can't seem to tell the 2 apart since both are just use for offensive after the shield is down and I don't use Blaster much but it's been said that it's for longer battles.)
-Healer (They can heal ally shields, but not hp and cannot bring back shield since they just always miss allies without shields so far, cannot heal shields on backup. Skill can only be used 5x)
-Debuffer (Chance to stun, def down, seal enemy skill that's all so far)
-Buffer (Increase allies atk of offensive units through skill so far)
-Defender (Attracts enemies to attack them more)

-It's also essential to know that there's color/elemental weakness in here as well. The damage feels reduced or increased by half due to it. Breaking enemies shield feels also faster if your unit is strong to it rather than using Breaker that's weak to it. This also means that you might need to lvl up different units with different elemental strengths, but that's just me.
Alsyah Heaven Burns Red


everything is good, i just wish i can play as dude for better experience.
Panumas Nimsomboon Heaven Burns Red


เกมแนวเทิร์นเบส & เนื้อเรื่อง (กาว + เบียวโคตร) กราฟิกและอาร์ตเวิร์ค สวยงามมากๆ เกมเจ้านี้ การันตีคุณภาพจริงๆ เล่นแล้วเพลินดี แม้บทคุยจะเยอะมาก (มีให้เลือกคำตอบด้วย)

เราจะเป็นนึงตัวละคร ใน ร.ร มัธยม สาวล้วน มีตาราง วัน เวลา ตั้งแต่เช้า กินข้าว - ค่ำ จนเข้านอน

การต่อสู้ เราจะจัดทีมได้ 6คน ตอนสู้ จะสู้แค่3คน แต่เราสามารถสลับอีก3คน มาใช่ได้ตลอดเวลา มีระบบ แพ้ทาง , ชนะทาง การใช้สกิวต้องใช่ SP ตอนต่อสู้จะขึ้นเทิร์นละ 2SP มีเกจใช่ท่าไม้ตาย ถ้ากดใช้จะบัพทั้งทีม และเพิ่ม SPให้5หน่วย , ตอนลงด่านตัวละครจะเก็บของได้แค่3ชิ้น แนะนำให้กดใช้ เพราะเอาออกนอกดันไม่ได้

- ตัวฮิวเกมนี้จะฮิวค่า เกราะ เพราะถ้าเกราะตัวละครตัวใดตัวนึง พัง คือแพ้เลย ต้องเล่นใหม่ !!

- เกมมีระบบ ออโต้ แต่ไม่ค่อยฉลาด

ตัวละครมีทั้งหมด 7 สายได้แก่
- ATK = Attacker โจมตีแรงและอึดนิดหน่อย
- BLA = Blaster โจมตีรุนแรงแต่ตัวจะบาง
- BRK = Breaker ตัวเน้นทำลายเกราะของศัตรู
- BUF = Buffler ตัวสนับสนุนทีมด้วย บัพ
- DBF = Debuffler ตัวใส่ ดีบัฟ ศัตรู
- DEF = Defender สายแทงค์
- HLR = Healer ตัวฮีลเกราะให้กับทีมเรา

เกมมีหลายโหมดให้เล่น เช่น ไต่หอคอย, ล่าบอส, ลงดันเจี้ยน, ย้อนเวลาไปเล่นในส่วนที่เรายังไม่ได้ลง หรือพลาดไป

เกมแจกของมาประมาณนึ่ง จบการสอนครั้งแรก จะได้ตัว SS แน่นอน 1ตัว , แจกเพชรมา3,000 กดได้ 1ครั้ง (10ตัว)
+ ตั๋วอีก1ใบ กดได้(10ตัว)

เกมไม่มีระบบล็อกอิน มีแค่ ระบบย้ายเครื่อง
เกมก็จะมีID มาให้ แล้วให้เราใส่ พาสเวิร์ดเอง (จดไว้ถ้าจะย้ายเครื่อง)

เกมมีระบบ รี แบบง่ายๆ หน้าจอแรก กดซ้ายบน แล้วกดตัว อักษรญี่ปุ่น ที่มีสีแดง

เกมนี้ไม่ต้องต่อ VPN
เกมเล่นบนโปรแกรมจำลอง อีมู ไม่ได้

ใครเข้าเกมไม่ได้ หรือ เข้าแล้วหน้าจอกระพริบๆ ให้ไปตั้งค่า ภาษาในเครื่อง ให้เป็น ภาษาญี่ปุ่น

เกมพื้นที่... ตอนเล่นบท3เข้า ไป 8G แล้ว

ล่าสุดเกมมี เซิฟเกาหลี ซึ่งต้องบอกว่าเป็นเซิฟเดียวกัน แค่ เปลี่ยนภาษาได้ ... อีกไม่นาน หวังว่าจะมี ภาษา อังกฤษเข้า
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor Heaven Burns Red


Heaven Burns Red เกมมือถือแนว Turn-base รวมทีม 6 คน อย่างไรก็ตาม ในขณะต่อสู้ คนสามคนจะมีส่วนร่วมในเวลาเดียวกัน และ การจัดทีม 3 คน สามารถเปลี่ยนไปใช้เมื่อใดก็ได้ มีระบบธาตุที่สามารถใช้เพื่อเอาชนะศัตรูได้ การใช้สกิลต้องเลื่อนออกไปจนกว่าจะมี SP ซึ่งจะเด้ง 2 ยูนิตทุกเทิร์นและมีเกจสุดท้ายด้วย เมื่อเปิดใช้งาน ทุกคนในทีมจะได้รับ SP และบัฟ คำเตือน: เกมนี้มีเกราะป้องกันตัวละครก่อนที่จะสูญเสียสุขภาพทั้งหมด หากเกราะเสียหาย จะไม่สามารถสร้างขึ้นใหม่ได้ และสิ่งนี้มีผลกับทั้งตัวเราและคู่ต่อสู้ และเมื่อร่างของเราตายเพียงตัวเดียว [懵懂]
El Heaven Burns Red


Ya el servidor del juego esta abierto

a primeras impresiones el juego tiene unos graficos muy agradables con un toque suavisado para no saturar de colores
Es un juego de batalla por turnos, con posibilidad de mejorar tus personajes
el gatcha está bien equilibrado, pero ya lo veremos en las futuras update
la historia es buena hasta el momento donde voy
y los personajes son muy tiernos hasta la loquilla del grupo xD
10/10 con este juego en jugabilidad
10/10 en graficos
10/10 en entornos
8/10 sistema de pago

algunas cosas de la tienda a la hora de comprar con dinero real es un poco caro aun que espero los precios sean modificados con el futuro y tengamos algunos descuentos
pero por el momento esta perfecto

un juego ocasional para pasarla bien si no quieres tanto esfuerzo
tiene sistema Automatizado de superación de misiones aunque ttambien s estar atento por qué el juego aun necesita interacciones manuales entre conversaciones de los personajes y otras cosas

Este juego Supera las Expectativas
NekoAiri Heaven Burns Red


After a few days playing, I must say this game is one of my favorites. The graphics are superb, the soundtracks/BGM are worth dancing to, the game play for me is entising and it's not just a boring turn-based blow exchanges. With the variety of decision making you can make for every skill use and/or every time you recover DP based on multiple factors like enemies count, priority enemy, type advantage/disadvantages, character switch, break timing, overdrive timing etc... it is quite interactive. Sure that it is still turn-based but the character skillsets and level designs are already good enough to justify a supposedly boring type of game play. In fact I enjoy it quite a lot more than most other turn-based RPGs.

As expected of Jun Maeda and Key, the visuals are amazing and the story is engaging. Well of course you'd miss the story part if you cannot read/listen to Japanese, but regardless, the level of investment is very huge (almost every line is voiced except for narrative lines) and this will give you an enjoyable experience nonetheless. The story's setting is a bit weird for my taste but after going through it all, the Cancer - Seraph settings are mostly auxiliary, while the character-to-character interactions and dialogues take the main spotlight for the story.

I have zero complaints, there's no bugs or glitches, there is little to be improved. One that I can think of is the interactions tied to SP recovery skills, but it's a very minor detail and it's not even a concern for most. SS characters are also way stronger than S characters, but S characters have up to 10 breakthroughs so it's not a big deal at all. Gacha is expensive, but you don't need overpowered characters to play a single-player game. Gear progress may be a bit slow but again, it doesn't matter very much.

Overall it's definitely a top-tier game. For me it's worth playing, and all the expectations I've had since 2020 are already fully satiated
Ningxia Heaven Burns Red


The game is unique in it's own way the Graphics is wonderful so far the VA every bits of it is very detailed very clear and some are cute the storyline wise is good too i can understand it pretty well so far but you need a few more tweeks and this game is gold. 😄
Alex Ki Heaven Burns Red


Очередная гача игра где один герой имеет несколько редкостей/скинов. По сути гача скинов.
-MR-Gaming Top Contributor Heaven Burns Red


Gamenya seru, Story nya juga seru diawal, untuk kelanjutan alur ceritanya yaa kalian tau lah kalo udh nonton PV nya.
Nitain Extract Farmer Heaven Burns Red


The game is pretty generous now with free pulls.
There's also free Limit Break feature.

The story and the ost top tier to me

My view of this game changed from two years ago, from average 3.6 to full score.
yucca Heaven Burns Red


Key famous for its nakige top quality, full voiced scenarios and developed by WFS that listens to the players: Heaven Burns Red is truly loved premium gacha story-driven JRPG game.

If you're familiar with FGO, its gameplay is definitely not FGO with attack cards. With six characters in party, you attack Cancers for few turns with appropriate effective types while gaining Skill Points per turns. Instead of attack cards, you use skills to deal high damage to them and of course HBR has special skills for high costs. And what's nice is, you can switch your characters during your turn unlimited, which is actually nice.

I super recommend you to get Tama SS. She helps me tons to keep up with high difficulties since well, there's a reason: you gotta win with all characters alive or 1 fallen comrade for total defeat. That's where she comes: full DP revive skill. DP is your life point in this game while your HP is your emergency life point. Super need.

Once again, premium quality gacha game. I spent a $100 on HBR I couldn't help it, but of course it's Key after all so definitely worth its effort and all the investment! And I'm not gonna say anything about the story other than: it's easily make you invested if you understand enough Japanese and you just have to experience it yourself!

Easy 5/5.
Malice Heaven Burns Red


A game that got off to a good start but has fallen off in recent days. Story wise, its decent so far. Not game of the year material, but quite good nonetheless. The mc, ruka is more annoying than likeable. Most other characters are a lot more likeable than her. Boss mechanics are awful to say the least. Most bosses are copy pasta with very few mechanics that are also utterly disingenious. Every boss just has 3 attacks that it spams like clockwork. No interesting gimmicks or innovative mechanics AT ALL. Very few, if any solo banners happen, meaning getting the characters you want is really hard. Mostly featuring 3 rate up characters on 1 banner meaning your rate of getting your waifu is already 1/3rd of what it was. Enemies are complete reskins of previous enemies. Im not joking.They really are.

But the worst parts have been in recent days. They introduced another poorly designed boss for whom you would require min limit broken SS characters to defeat at lv 2 and 3, which you can only get if you get an extra copy of that SS character. Yet someone found a way to tank some of its obnoxious hits with an A rank (lowest rarity) character. Now mind you, to do this, you still needed to put in time and effort. This was not a glitch. Yet the devs "fixed" this and made the A rank character (ooshima ichiko) weaker so f2p's would have no chance of beating this boss unless they pulled her SS version or have a bunch of lb ss chara, for which it takes an atrociously long time or you need to get lucky in the gacha and pull an extra copy. Now heres the real kicker: her SS version was added RIGHT after they "fixed" this exploit. So its pretty obvious they just made her weaker to force people to use their currency on her. To call this game the biggest disappointment of the year in terms of gacha games is an understatement. I will happily change my review if I see improvement but till then, this game stays at 1 star.

Any fanboy etc angry at my negative review, please don't reply to me. I really don't care. I don't want to start an argument here. If you don't like what I said, just move on and ignore my comment. Peace.
Chanasorn Boriratrit Heaven Burns Red


its WFS who made Another Eden and Key who made Clannad, etc. Music is also done by Nogizaka46 and Yanagi Nagi as well.
Euphoriia Heaven Burns Red


Heaven Burns Red is developed by WFS (Developers of Another Eden) and Key and is an amazing game. I played the closed beta for this game and had an awesome time with it. They have a gem on their hands with this one.

The story is insanely interesting which we've come to expect from WFS and Key plus the gameplay is the usual turn-based that we've come to know and love with a unique art style that focuses on the facial animations of the characters in the game.

Overall, if you're a fan of WFS and Key's other works of art then you'll definitely enjoy what this game has to offer.
睿智 Heaven Burns Red


story driven fully voiced mobile game? interesting


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